PARS offers the following service options for all of your car, truck and equipment needs


Pro Driver Services

Need to move a single fleet vehicle? Or, a thousand vehicles? Cars or trucks? No problem! PARS transportation experts are ready to solve the most complicated, time-sensitive relocation needs, picking up and delivering any number of fleet vehicles wherever necessary throughout North America.

Professional PARS logistics experts work with fleet managers, fleet management company representatives, and any organization in need of moving multiple vehicles. Our experts will assess the specific requirements and recommend the most cost-effective solutions to move cars, light duty trucks or commercial vehicles requiring DOT compliance.

Note that PARS can arrange for Port pickup and deliveries and freight forwarding to overseas locations.

PARS drivers are highly qualified, well-trained, and well-connected to provide regular status updates and fulfill any relocation assignments, and provide seamless door-to-door delivery. Our customers receive project updates by our expert account team members. They are also able to track projects and vehicle location using the state-of-the-art PARS online customer portal.

If avoiding additional mileage on a vehicle is an important relocation requirement, PARS’ auto carrier service is the answer. Nationwide coverage, a broad range of services tailored to meet specific needs, and unparalleled attention to detail by our team of transport professionals as well as by our carefully-vetted auto carriers all ensure complete satisfaction.

PARS will recommend the best, most cost-effective solution whether that be enclosed, open, low-boy, fifth wheel or a custom roll-back carrier.

There is nothing more disappointing to a company driver than taking possession of a company vehicle that immediately needs cleaning or maintenance, or that is less than 100% in any way. Like you, we want each and every driver to be satisfied when they take possession of their next vehicle.

That’s why we offer an unsurpassed array of vehicle services for cars or trucks:

  • Reconditioning & Make-Ready
  • Interior Auto Detailing
  • Exterior Auto Detailing
  • Windshield Defects
  • Body Work
  • Mechanical Repair
  • General Maintenance, including Oil Changes, Filters, Tires, and Wipers

With your approval and direction regarding price and not-to-exceed levels, we take all necessary corrective measures. We coordinate completion of all of services while the vehicle is in route to its destination or while it is stored at any of our facilities.

Our customers trust PARS logistics experts will minimize the vehicle issues that might result in driver complaints and added costs associated with driver downtime or subsequent vehicle rentals.

PARS keeps your fleet drivers and vehicles productive while preventing fines, missed filings and unnecessary fees by ensuring compliance with all licensing regulations. Managing these processes can be difficult, time consuming, and frustrating, especially in the midst of vehicle relocation.

Our comprehensive initial license, in-transit, state transfer, and registration and renewal program ensures that every vehicle in your fleet, no matter the location or transport status, maintains a current registration, appropriate tags, permits, and documentation. In Transit Plates are available for vehicles that need to be moved, but do not have plates. Initial vehicle title and registration, registration renewals, and state transfers services are offered nationwide.

PARS is a full-service, multi-state, license and title provider, dealing directly with the DMV on your behalf. We distribute plates and registrations directly to our customers. All work is done by PARS license and title experts who understand the urgency of the assignments and know how to expedite the most complicated projects!

We recognize that every client’s license needs are different. That’s why PARS customizes a solution to fit each customer’s unique needs. From a few vehicles to the entire fleet, we work with you to fit invoicing methods based on annual volumes, whether you need a per-transaction fee or a monthly administration fee.

There are many business situations that call for short-term and long-term storage of fleet vehicles – pharmaceutical product close-outs, reduction in sales force, mergers and acquisition, driver re-assignments, timing issues related to end-of-lease or new vehicles, and more. Sometimes, these are unexpected, requiring fast turnaround.

PARS can help with short- and long-term storage options that give our customers the most cost-effective solution for even the most complicated and urgent requirement.  With over 60 secure storage locations throughout the U.S. and Canada and unsurpassed transportation resources, PARS is ready to meet any fleet storage challenge.

Our team quickly handles all logistics.  Our drivers inspect all vehicles before transporting them to the closest PARS storage facility where dedicated vehicle condition analysts further inspect the vehicles.  The PARS team assesses vehicle condition and provides a summary of issues to customers who also have online access to storage inventory and condition reports.  With this information, customers can make informed decisions around remarketing or redeployment.  If repairs, maintenance, or cleaning is desired, PARS can facilitate these activities while the vehicle is stored to ensure a timely and issue-free redeployment.

The keys to PARS’ successful fleet vehicle storage program: transportation and logistics expertise, an extensive storage network, detailed condition assessments, and proactive communication with customers and all parties.  In addition, our online order status details, storage inventory, and daily status reports ensure stakeholders always have up-to-date information.

PARS specializes in the transport of cars, trucks, and equipment throughout the contiguous 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Professionally trained PARS staff are always available to assist you in all of your transportation needs.