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PARS has earned the trust of fleet clients customers for over 20 years no matter how complex the transport and services need. Complicated multi-point relocation? Urgent need to move large quantities of vehicles around the country? Special requests involving one vehicle or a thousand? When it comes to the best business solution, even for outside-the-box transport requests, fleet managers and fleet management companies both know that they can put their trust in PARS to get it right!

PARS’ wide range of services, combined with the expertise necessary to provide customers with tailored solutions, ensures optimal results and value.

Pharma Close-Out Project

PARS worked with an acquired pharmaceutical company on a close-out project involving more than 700 vehicles distributed throughout the county under an extremely tight timeframe. Coordinating closely with the close-out company, fleet management company, and others on behalf of the customer, PARS logistics experts ensured the efficient pick-up, transport, and storage of all vehicles.

Once secured in PARS storage, the company’s team of dedicated vehicle condition analysts assessed vehicle condition information gathered from multiple sources, including driver close-out interviews, PARS drivers’ condition reports on the bill of lading, and storage facility detailed condition reports.

Thorough vehicle assessments were shared with the customer enabling the best possible decision regarding whether vehicles should be redeployed, sold, sent to auction, stored and/or repaired. Any repairs or maintenance desired by the customer were immediately facilitated and managed by PARS, who worked with the accident management company, body repair and maintenance shops, ensuring rapid and easy redeployment when desired.

The keys to the success of the project: transportation and logistics expertise, proactive communications with all parties, and readily available online order status details combined with daily status reports that kept all stakeholders informed.

PARS worked with a telecommunications company over the course of several years to manage the logistical challenges related to the company’s Police Interceptor Demo Units. The PARS team managed and coordinated vehicle movement for a list of event dates, making sure that each vehicle was delivered fully-detailed and “Show Ready.” The program involved several border crossings into and out of Canada. And, PARS professionals worked directly with multiple company departments to ensure the proper documentation was completed to ensure a smooth, seamless transition.

One PARS customer had the need to transport several large motor homes over the course of two years. These motor homes needed to crisscross the country for state fairs, car races, and other special events.

PARS logistics experts mapped out the schedule and coordinated all moves with customer teams from each geographic location. PARS personnel assigned experienced motor home drivers, scheduled and prepared them to move the vehicles, sometimes with passengers onboard, including dignitaries and VIPs.

Once onsite, drivers helped put up tents, and display literature. In fact, the driver was an extension of the company’s team. Over the course of the two-year program, PARS provided all DOT documentation necessary for commercial vehicles, took care of all maintenance, washes and more. Finally, a state-conducted audit of the program found no issues.

Several customers import and export vehicles, and they rely on PARS to manage the complicated and time-consuming processes related to moving vehicles through borders and ports. PARS has experienced customs personnel that are very familiar with the paperwork, regulations and the fastest way to navigate all of it.

Many times, customers just need to understanding the process, and a move never takes place. However, they know they can rely on PARS for expert global transport advice.

PARS has a number of clients that have arranged for departing employees’ company cars to be picked up. Many times, there is no replacement driver so a PARS driver will pick up the car and take it to a nearby storage facility.

While in storage, any vehicle reconditioning is handled to prepare the vehicle for redeployment, including body work, registration, detailing, and maintenance. All PARS storage facilities are secure 24 hours a day.

PARS specializes in the transport of cars, trucks, and equipment throughout the contiguous 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Professionally trained PARS staff are always available to assist you in all of your transportation needs.